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Planning and Designing your Raised Bed Garden - 1818 Farms

Planning and Designing your Raised Bed Garden

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Do you want to learn how to install a quality raised bed garden in your own back yard? There are many planning elements that must be addressed in order to have a garden that thrives and produces fresh produce for you and your family. After completing this workshop you will walk away with the knowledge to:    
  • locate where your raised garden should be in your yard
  • determine the size of your raised bed
  • prepare your raised bed site
  • mix a “garden perfect” soil for the raised bed
  • determine what to plant and how much
  • create a diagram showing each crop and its location

Join us and learn to grow healthy quality food. There is no better satisfaction than gathering your first harvest!

Class Duration – 1.5 hours

Date & Time - Sunday, April 2, 2017 @ 1:00pm

Price - $25

Location - 1818 Farms, 24889 Lauderdale Street, Mooresville, AL 35649

All Sales are Final - Event Hosted Rain or Shine - No Refunds